Crows are about as smart as a 7 year old. They make tools, recognize human faces, know the route your garbage truck takes, understand analogies, hold grudges and pass those grudges down to future generations

Crows are my favourite animal ever. I made friends with a whole murder of them that roosts in the woods near my place. I moved into a house 5-6 years ago and had some backyard chickens at the time. Crows started coming around my yard curious about my chickens and to snatch scraps of left over food I would toss for them. I started feeding the crows too and would have anywhere from 10-30 crows start visiting my yard every day.

Through a lot of patience and persistence I eventually had some of them eating out of my hands. I learned how to mimic their sounds and they would make this odd but obviously affectionate sound at me that sounded like a low purring and clicking. They would follow me up and down the road whenever I’d be out walking. One day I caught them trying to rip up my garbage bags on the road side during pick up day, I scolded them and they NEVER touched my bags after that day but would still fuck up the neighbours bags.

I tried to train them to recognize money bills by showing them the bills while feeding them treats… They didn’t bring me money unfortunately but they brought me paper bus transfers that look similar. I moved out of that house for a couple of years into the city but last September I moved back to the exact same area, like I can see my old backyard from the patio of my new place. After a couple of days I spotted some of them flying by so I started doing the calls I mimicked from years ago… They remembered me and started visiting again every day! I got a weird thing with birds in general, they seem to trust me for some reason. I’m like a Disney Princess.

Bonus vid of the crows eating out of my hand