I saw the Milky Way galaxy for the first time with my naked eyes, and I was frightened

Long story short, my father burned himself severely while he was RV’ing when he was just outside of Kansas City (He’s ok).

Fast forward about 3 months and he and I are driving out to pick up his RV to tow it back.

We stayed the night at a hotel to wake up early and hit the road early the next day.

Being from a city, I’ve never seen a “dark” sky before. I looked at the light pollution map and saw I could drive 40 min North and be in complete darkness. I told my dad idk when the next time I’ll have this chance to view a “dark” sky like this again and he was cool with it and said go. (He’s into stars too but is getting up there in age :(…)

I went to a state sponsored lake. No joke, it had to have been 7 or 8 miles between houses on an empty road. I finally got to the lake, turned off my lights, shut off my car, and put on my sunglasses, got out my car and set my timer for 20 min.

When my timer went off and I took my shades off…I looked up. I was in awe at how many stars I was looking at.

I never knew you can see that many!! Being from a city, I could see 100’s. NOW, I could see MILLIONS!!.

Then, I finally saw it. The milky Way galaxy. For the first time with my own naked eyes. It almost looks like a cloudy sky in the middle of the night. I finally realized what I was looking at… I’m looking at our home, our home Galaxy.

When I saw all those stars, I had this feel of wonder and excitement. However, when I saw the Galaxy…this intense fear washed over me, I felt panicked and scared. I felt like was about to die.

Anyone else feel this way their first time seeing this?