🎙️ Podcast and guest suggestion thread

Hey guys! We’re looking to get our podcast going! If you have any suggestions for guests we could interview OR other podcasts we could collaborate with, then:

  • Post them this thread, and
  • (Bonus points) Tell them they should come on the podcast!

The best guests are often writers or podcast hosts, so if you know someone who does either, definitely let us know!

If we think it’s a good fit we’ll follow them up, but it always helps if they hear it from you, too.


Hope you all don’t mind me using this thread to keep track of my own ideal guests too :sweat_smile:
Dr Lee Cronin. A professor of chemistry who is interested in abiogenesis (how chemical building blocks became the first simple forms of life).
He’s also a bit of a scientific contrarian because he believes that it may have been much simpler than we’re assuming.

Dr Kaeli Swift. Apart from having a cool name, she’s a corvid (crows, magpies, ravens) researcher, and a PhD.
She was on Duncan Trussell’s podcast and told awesome stories about crow intelligence, including holding funerals, and giving gifts to their favourite humans.


David Christian. The pioneer of Big History (the new academic discipline that teaches the history of the universe, from the Big Bang until now, in one class).
He would be a dream guest.

Kevin Kelly. The founding executive director of WIRED, and a pure futurist. I absolutely love his latest book The Inevitable.