The most amazing camping experience of my life

I[F] entrusted my SO[M] in finding our camping spot while we were out in the outskirts of sequoia, he had a pin on a map leading to a “campsite” and I had enough gas to go there and back into the main town with some extra to spare. Once we reached the “campsite” turns out he had just literally placed a pin on a map that had a name of the area with what looked like a little creek running through it. Not only was there no campsite, but the creek was dry and it was all road leading higher up the mountain. Couldn’t help but laugh at the situation, we’re pretty laid back so we just decided to keep driving a little more and stop where it seemed possible to camp even though there were no actual campsites that seemed close enough for us. I will admit I regretted not filling up the tank completely, but I really thought we were heading to an actual campsite so I didn’t think it would be an issue at all.

So we’re driving up the mountain and I’m slowly realizing that the further we go, the less gas we’ll have to make it down the mountain again which was a whole hour back. I did quick math in my head and calculated that we could only go 80 or so more miles until I knew we would have just enough to make it back down to the nearest town for gas. We decided to just take the L and turn back around towards town to refill and go to back to the campsite we stayed at the night before.

It was probably 20 minutes that went by as we were driving down when we noticed a dirt road that looked like a turnout but with a small drop that we could barely see past until we pulled over. The dirt road just looked like a normal turnout on the way up, but you could see past it more coming down which is probably why we didn’t notice it. Come to find out, there was a cute little creek down a small hill along with a clearing that was just big enough for us to pitch our tent. Everything else around it was trees, rocks, mud, and tall grass; we mistakenly came up on a perfectly secluded unintentionally perfect campsite.

We set up our tent, built a fire on top of some rocks and gathered firewood. It was going to be a chilly night, so when the sun set we changed into warmer clothes, opened a bottle of wine, lit tea candles and set them up all along the creek to light up a pathway. It was hella romantic. We took tabs of acid, eventually got naked, and had amazing sex with the tent door open near enough to the fire to be warm, but far enough for it to not be dangerous. We laid in our tent staring at the fire, talking for hours, and stargazing…

It was the most amazing time I’ve ever had camping in my life, I can’t wait to go back and do it again.