The Planck Length

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There is a problem at the heart of all science.

We have two theories that describe the fundamental nature of the universe. General Relativity and Quantum Mechanics.

They do this by explaining the four fundamental forces, which are the laws of nature that determine how everything in the universe interacts with everything else.

These laws include gravity, which draws together objects with mass, and the electromagnetic force that gives us electricity.

On their own, General Revativity and Quantum Mechanics are spectacular theories.

General Relativity is Albert Einstein’s most lasting and well-known contribution to physics, and has stood up to decades of observational evidence.

Physicist Richard Feynman once said that Quantum Mechanics has been shown to be so precise, that it can make measurements equivalent to the width of North America accurately to within the width of one human hair.

But one of them is wrong.

When you put the equations of each one together, they produce impossible gibberish

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